ETS2 Daniels Code

ETS2 Daniels Code

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Create Date26. Februar 2017
ETS2 Daniels Code
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smogfPosted on  6:47 pm - Nov 13, 2017


Ive uploaded the scetch change pin to blinkers but nothing works. Do I need to do sth in RCC software also?

AndrewPosted on  12:59 pm - Mai 13, 2017

I uploaded this to the arduino. tested with LED on pin 17 for blinker but nothing happens when I run the game and use the indicators. Do I need to do anything else

    smogfPosted on  6:51 pm - Nov 13, 2017

    Hi, You need to go in RCC to dash. Chose ETS/ATS and make tick on all fields. Dont know if you need to make that all but make a tick on GruopData 1 and 2. Work for me now.

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